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Dunlop’s all-new Sportmax Slick doesn’t just talk a big game, it proves its performance in lap times! At the Dunlop Proving Grounds in Huntsville, Alabama, Dunlop’s Motorcycle Test Engineer Taylor Knapp averaged almost a whole second in improvement on the Sportmax Slick over the KR451. More impressive than that, countless lap and class records have been demolished with the new and improved tire during the 2023 MotoAmerica series at nine out of 10 tracks in multiple classes.

The Sportmax Slick had lap records broken at all the MotoAmerica tracks in 2023 except at Pittsburgh International Race Complex (due to the new chicane):

The new Sportmax Slick, Dunlop’s next generation of road race tires with more grip and improved predictability, is available in 17”, 12” and 10” sizes. The Sportmax Slicks have been updated with new profiles, compounds, and constructions to make them the most advanced road racing tires Dunlop has ever produced! Riders will instantly feel a greater level of confidence with the new Sportmax Slick. The new Dunlop Sportmax Slick was initially only available for use in MotoAmerica but is now available for club racers and track day riders, as well.

The Sportmax Slicks were developed over the past 3 years, with internal testing being done at Dunlop’s Proving Grounds in Huntsville, Alabama, by Taylor Knapp and external testing being done by top MotoAmerica stars such as multi-time MotoAmerica Superbike champion Jake Gagne, plus Richie Escalante, PJ Jacobsen, Cam Petersen, Josh Herrin, Mathew Scholtz, as well as Josh Hayes (the all-time winningest road racer in AMA history) just to name a few.

The front profile of the Sportmax Slick was pulled up from Dunlop’s Sportmax Q5 development and features a taller and narrower profile. This new profile results in a tire that has improved trail braking feedback, more precise turn-in, greater high-speed mid-corner stability, increased compliance, and a larger footprint at camber.

The rear tire also features a redesigned profile that is taller and generates increased lateral grip, acceleration grip, and improved compliance, due to a larger, more evenly distributed footprint at all angles. This new design has led to a rear tire that is more predictable in every area of the corner from turn-in to acceleration at corner exit.

Dunlop’s 17” Sportmax Slicks, developed by Dunlop’s Advanced Research Team (D.A.R.T), replace the industry-standard KR448 and KR451 range of slicks and are the new Official Tires of the MotoAmerica series. Dunlop and MotoAmerica recently renewed their contract, allowing Dunlop to remain the official tire supplier of MotoAmerica through 2025, continuing the partnership since 2015.

The Sportmax Slick updates include the following:

  • Revised compounds and naming structures to be more intuitive: R0 (softest) to R8 (most durable). The low numbers for easier or hotter tracks and the higher numbers for more abrasive or cold tracks
  • New sidewall design with taller sidewalls provides more cushion and bump absorption for improved traction even on the bumpiest of tracks
  • Optimized rear N-TEC, which combines the benefits of compliant cut-breaker construction with stiffer, continuously wound aramid-fiber, and Jointless Band (JLB) construction for maximum feel and stability when leaned over for more support when on the gas
  • New taller profile, which leads to better contact patch. More predictable change in contact patch area (grip) while adding lean angle or taking lean angle away and driving out of the corner

Multiple compounds are offered for the front and rear tires, but the R8 compound is exclusive to the rear tires only.

Due to the Sportmax Slicks being race tires, tire warmers are highly recommended for all compounds.

The new Sportmax Slick tires are available now from or from your local Dunlop trackside vendor.

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